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Apr. 17th, 2011

sgt. pepper

(no subject)

1. I own something from Tiffany & Co
2. My backyard has an apple tree in it
3. I'm actually not too fond of Obama
4. The wallet I use is from Fossil
5. I go to the movies more often that anyone else I know
6. English is my least favorite class
7. I have four best friends
8. Foreign movies are my favorite
9. I own a book that's written in German
10. I want to reread all the Harry Potter books
11. Seniors '09!
12. Tea is delicious
13. Pink looks horrible on me
14. "That's what she said" jokes will never get old
15. I know what I'm giving up for Lent this year
16. Abortion is murder
17. I hate binders
18. I prefer just having a giant spiral with dividers
19. It seems like I'm the only single person among my friends
20. Quoting movies is what I do best
21. The last concert I went to was during the summer
22. Going on a cruise sounds like fun!
23. I get sea sick
24. I'll probably join a sorority in college
25. Some of the freshman at my school are a lot cooler than some of the juniors
26. I'm on my period right now
27. I wear a C cup bra
28. I don't believe in marriage
29. My phone has a password
30. My name isn't too common
31. Hot tea > cold tea
32. I have a twitter
33. Sharpie pens are so amazing

34. Theatre consumes my life
35. I have acrylic nails
36. I have had a stuffed Domo

37. I've had more homework this six weeks than I have had in my entire life
38. I'm really good at math
39. Fashion design interests me
40. I own flannel pajamas

41. I miss my old job
42. I never wear sneakers except for when I'm working out

43. It's really hard for me to get drunk
44. The first letter of my first name is the same as the first letter of my last name
45. I've never kissed someone of the same race
46. Scary movies are my favorite
47. Swimming relaxes me

48. Sometimes I wish I had a different phone
49. I own something hemp

50. Polar bears are one of my favorite animals

Mar. 28th, 2011

sgt. pepper

(no subject)

In what form of communication did you last use to talk to the you're currently interested in?
i'm texting him right now.

If you were to leave the house right now, would you change your outfit all?
nah, i've already gone out.

When was the last time something really cute happened to you?
how can something that happens be cute?

Why aren't you texting the last person you kissed?
i am actually.

Has anything happened to you within the past month that's made you really happy?

Do you want to see someone right now?

Do you currently have feelings for anybody?

When was the last time you changed clothes in front of someone?

Are you the youngest person living in your home?

Did a boy or girl text message you last?

Think back to the last person that you held hands with, would you kiss them?

When was the last time something bothered you?
right now.

Have you ever kissed the last person that you texted ?

What was the last thing you looked up on Youtube?
i'm not sure

Have you held hands with anyone in the past 24 hours?

Did the last guy/girl you kissed have any piercings?

What exactly did you drink the last time you were intoxicated?
vodka and raspberry lemonade. and some beer.

Do you actually love your parents?

Have you ever had a school picture turn out absolutely dreadful?
not really.

What is the name of the last band you discovered?
flying lotus

Have you ever lost any friends over something small and stupid?
i guess.

Are you more prone to being the social butterfly, or the wallflower?

Do you prefer group projects, or would you prefer to work alone?

Who was the last person to get on your nerves? What was s/he doing?
i don't know

Have you ever had to make yourself a birthday cake because no one else did?

Would you rather go to a Katy Perry or Taylor Swift concert?
i would rather kill myself.

Have you ever thrown up from working out?

What pattern do the sheets on your bed have?
its this colorful intricate geometric pattern idk how to describe it

Are your days full and fast-paced?
not so much now that i'm home from school, but i still do a lot of stuff.

What languages can you count to ten or higher in?
english, spanish, italian, french

Where did you get the underwear you are wearing right now?
victoria's secret, where i get almost all of my underwear.

Is it hard for you to let something go that you know isn't right for you?

Are you good with painting nails with your left hand?

Do you feel uncomfortable sharing drinks with other people?
not my friends. with random strangers, yeah.

Do you call any of your friends by their last name?
some of my guy friends.

How long does it take you to get out of bed in the morning?
i usually get up pretty much right away. not always though.

Have you gone through a lot emotionally, or has life been easy thus far?
i've gone through a lot.

How old were your parents when you were born?
my mom was 31 and my dad was 39.

Have either of your grandparents ever told you a sexual joke?
no, and thank god for that.

Do you spend more time outside or inside?
lately, inside, since it's still cold out. but in the spring and summer and early fall, i spend a lot of time outside.

Would you rather give up the computer or the TV?

Do you own any fake designer purses?

Do you get jealous if your boyfriend/crush hugs another girl?
depends on the girl. if it's one of my friends, then no. but if it's a girl i don't know or don't like, honestly, yeah i do get jealous. i hate to admit it, but i can't help it.

Have you ever gotten lost in a department store?
when i was little.
sgt. pepper

(no subject)

The person I currently have feelings for was born in September
I am currently having a hair crisis
I never say the word 'fabulous'

The phone is ringing right now
And I don't plan on answering it
It's alright, OK, I'm so much better without you
I know what song that's from
I hate driving over bridges
Someone I know plays the oboe
One of my friends is interested in being a director when they're older
When taking surveys, I always read what the person before me wrote
I am currently very frustrated
I know someone who's initals are 'O.K'
Actually, I hate countdown surveys
I have never been fishing before
If a survey has a lot of spelling mistakes I usually won't take it
One of my parents rarely smiles
I watched the live premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
My Friday nights are usually spent at home, on the computer.
I often misspell the word 'remember'
When I'm upset, I'd rather be left alone
I hate it when people ask 'what's your problem?' or 'what's the matter with you?'
Hiking is a hobby of mine
My computer always seems to go really slow right when I need it to be fast
I'm not sure what my favourite band is

Green is my least favourite colour
You Found Me by The Fray is a really great song
I'm tired of surveys asking if I smoke, do drugs or drink
Video games are so easy nowadays, I need a challenge!
I hate getting flowers - what am I supposed to do with them?!
Watching little kids plays sports is soooo cute!
I prefer Fruitopia to Five Alive
I don't think anyone ever truly understands love
When someone says a sport is 'wussy,' they're just asking to be contradicted
Miley Cyrus totally ruined the song 'Before the Storm'
As a kid, I had a really wild imagination

Bubblewrap really isn't all that fun
Chemistry is my favourite strand of science

I have never tasted cherries
I hate not wearing socks
Lately, I feel very lost
Today is a slow day for me
I just want to run and never stop
I don't own any sweats
I don't really like bolding surveys that have short statements
I used to chew on my hair
Yellowcard used to be my favourite band
I love falling asleep to the sound of rain

I'm closer to one of my cousins than I am to one of my siblings

I always count down the days to my birthday

Zachary is my favourite name for a boy
Tomorrow is supposed to be a really great day weather wise

Mar. 25th, 2011

sgt. pepper

(no subject)

I have a cell phone.
I like Aeropostale.
I can vote.

I am racist to an extent.
I have seen The Notebook.

I love The Notebook.
I own a journal.
I use an online blogging site.

I am horrible with dates in history.
I know what year World War I began.
I have met someone famous.

I have met Jeffree Star.
I think Tila Tequila is hot.
I've been licked before.

I drink alcohol at least three times a week.
I have been to rehab.
I dislike Lindsay Lohan.
I am renting an apartment.
I still live with my parents.

I cannot survive without text messaging.
I hate people in general.
Country music is my favorite.
Rock music disgusts me.
My favorite color is blue.
I am seventeen.
I read the magazine Seventeen.
I hate reality television.

I love reality television.
My favorite band is Fall Out Boy.
I want to be a model.
I want to have children.

I have children.
My favorite rapper is Lil Wayne.
I'm in love with a stripper.
I am homosexual.
I have a friend who is homosexual.
I am a homophobe.
I love black people.

I play football.
I sleep on my stomach all the time.

What I've done in the past week...

Worked, and worked, and worked.

Slept with my pet.
Petted my pet.
Played with my pet.

Listened to Demi Lovato.
Got yelled at for someone else being stupid.
Laughed at a TV show.
Got really, really annoyed at people.

Got really, really pissed at people.
Had trouble reading.
^Due to my glasses needing a new prescription.
Reread Harry Potter.
Felt super tired.

Didn't really listen to music.
Drank A LOT of water.

Didn't sleep well at all.

Aug. 14th, 2010

sgt. pepper

Writer's Block: Happy happy joy joy

What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

My boy<3 or my good friend Mary Jane... :)

Jun. 29th, 2010

sgt. pepper

(no subject)

I feel guilty. For not making you eat better, or exercise, or to urge you to take less pills. And for not saying I love you and giving you a hug that day. But how could I have known? You never know when you're never gonna see them again.

I feel angry. Because it's not fair. You weren't sick. I thought I was going to have another ten or twenty years with you. And now you won't see me graduate college, or be able to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I was robbed. You were only 61. You weren't sick. How could this have happened?

I feel scared. For my mom, mostly. For the nights she's going to cry herself to sleep because she has alone in that big bed. Because she thought they would grow old together. I'm scared for when I go to college in September, four hours away from her and my little sister.

But mostly I'm just sad. Because I miss you and I love you so much and I never get to see you or hug you or talk to you again. No more trips to Barnes & Noble, no more hearing "bubble water with a tall glass of ice and a lemon on the side" every time we go out to eat, no more episodes of old Looney Tunes. Your stuff is still everywhere. The house screams of your absence. It will never, ever be the same without you. I really wish you were still here. I love you so much Daddy, rest in peace.

Feb. 20th, 2010


(no subject)

russian roulette is not the same without a gun
and baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun

Jan. 27th, 2010


(no subject)

Now as we indulge in things refined
We hide our hearts from harder times
A string of pearls, a foreign car
Oh we can only go so far
On caviar and cabernet
We drown our doubts in dry champagne
And soothe our souls with fine cocaine
I don't know why I even care
We'll get so high and get nowhere

(no subject)

i wanna take a ride on yah disco stick!Collapse )

Jan. 24th, 2010


(no subject)

i'm seriously such an assholeCollapse )

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